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                      Calculate either the charge, capacitance or voltage across a capacitor using Q=CV.
                      Calculate the value of a resistor needed to current-limit an LED.
                      The hammer in any electrical engineers toolbox. Calculate voltage, resistance and current using Ohm's law.
                      Resistor dividers are a simple, widely-used circuit primitive for reducing a voltage based on a fixed ratio.
                      Find the closest E-series (e.g. E12, E96) resistor (preferred value) to your desired resistance.
                      Find the right size wire gauge for a particular current and voltage drop.
                      The low-pass RC filter is probably the simplist and most used electronic filter. Great for input signal filtering.
                      Calculate the resistor and capacitors values for a 555 timer in astable configuration.
                      A calculator to help you use the MP4558 IC in your next PCB. Calculates passive component values, frequencies, currents, e.t.c.
                      A calculator for working out the impedance of a standard microstrip style track.
                      PCB track current carrying capability calculator, using the IPC-2152 standard.
                      PCB track current carrying capability calculator, using the IPC-2221a standard.
                      PCB via current carrying capability calculator, using the IPC-2221A standard.
                      Calculator the thermal resistance of a via.
                      Calculate the dew point using the Magnus equation.
                      Calculate the temperature, resistance (reference or actual), or beta-coefficient of NTC thermistors.
                      This calculator can be used to calculate the values of the critical component values for a buck converter.
                      Rotate objects in 3D using angle-axis, rotation matrices, euler angles or quaternions.
                      Calculate CRC values from either a large number of popular CRC algorithms or define one yourself.
                      Tool to help you design a moving average filter.